At Infinity, we believe in “deeds not words” as our motto, which is the spirit we carry over to our promotion of Islamic finance in India. We propose to do this by executing real and practical initiatives grounded in principles that are the essence of Islamic finance.

Infinity has a well drawn out and researched plan of launching various innovative ventures in Islamic finance over the next three years covering areas including venture capital, savings & credit, project finance, microfinance, micro-insurance and Zakat (charitable tax) distribution & management.

Infinity’s Islamic finance initiatives include:

Zamzam Capital LLP is an India-based, Shari’a compliant investment management firm that is involved in structuring and managing Shari’a compliant investment products and financing structures for clients based in India and abroad.

Zayd Chit Funds Pvt. Ltd. (ZCF) is India’s first registered Shari’a-compliant chit fund or ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association) based out of Bangalore. Established in 2011, ZCF commenced operations by opening its first branch in July 2012 and operates as per the provisions of the Chit Fund Act, 1982.