The global Islamic banking & finance (IB&F) industry has been growing at a double digit growth rates, and currently over $ 1.5 trillion is being managed by over 500 IFIs globally in over 75 countries with some forecasts predicting the industry to be $4 trillion in size by 2020.

To meet this growth, the industry’s biggest challenge is to prepare quality human capital that is well grounded in the overall principles and techniques of Islamic banking and finance. In this regard, the industry depends on certain benchmark certifications to establish the credentials of professionals looking to enter this industry.

Among the most prestigious such certifications is the Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ), which is administered by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), UK. Infinity through its vast experience of guiding many professionals on their career development in this industry is happy to recommend the IFQ and is a nominated Distributor for this industry leading certification.