At Infinity, our engagement models are driven by one of our key values: flexibility. We recognize that client’s requirements can vary on a case to case basis and at different points of time. For instance, some clients want to expand their internal team on a cyclical basis to manage spurts in work and find that a partnership with Infinity helps them quickly scale up their operations.

Depending upon the requirement, we are able to offer highly flexible engagement options that include:

Dedicated Model:

Infinity provides its clients with dedicated analysts at all levels depending upon their requirements. This model is most suitable for institutional clients such as investment banks & companies, private equity houses and conglomerates. A dedicated model of engagement ensures that clients get total and timely attention and support. Not only turnaround times are faster in this model, but the client benefits by having dedicated support of the entire Infinity team knowledge bank for the cost per analyst and by having the same set of analysts working on their requirements, a faster learning period is ensured that reflects back in high quality deliverables.

Retainership Model:

Infinity provides its clients with the standard option of retaining us to execute their ad-hoc assignments on a case to case basis. For such clients, we offer on-demand execution capabilities by putting together a compact deal team including a Vice President and Associate/ Analyst supported by Partner level oversight.

Partnership Model:

Infinity aims to be an advisor with a difference: an example is the option we provide our clients to structure advisory mandates that tie our compensation to targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) achieved upon implementing our advisory solutions.